Terms & Policies



All printing and shipping expenses to be estimated separately. These expenses must be approved by the client prior to printing and will be paid directly from the client to the printing and shipping vendors unless otherwise specified by client.


The Client will deliver written or verbal feedback to the Designer on or before the agreed upon timeline.


Any printing that is beyond scope of this budgeted agreement and will need to be estimated separately based on project specifics. The Client will sign off on a digital proof prior to print production and always be given the opportunity to be on press when any item goes to print and a larger quantity run. However, should The Client not be present the Designer will make any necessary adjustments on press on behalf of the client and not be held responsible for the quality of the final printed piece. All printing, manufacturing, and prototyping must be estimated separately and paid directly from The Client.

photography + illustration

All Designer-authored design, illustration, and photography is 100% property of The Client with 100% right buyout with unlimited usage. All non-Designer illustration and photography must be estimated separately and approved by The Client prior to purchase. However, Designer will have permission to use the final project for promotional purposes.

out-of-scope + rush fees

A change order will be issued for any significant changes of scope, deliverables or objectives. Should additional requests be deemed be necessary they must be subject to The Client review and approval. Any change of scope on this project must be approved by The Client prior to beginning work.


50% of total project cost is to be paid upfront upon contract agreement. This down payment is non-refundable and will authorize the beginning of creative work. The remaining 50% of the project cost is to be paid upon final delivery of all agreed items. A cancelation fee will be applied if the project is ended by the client before all items have been delivered - this fee is 25% of the total project cost. For every 30 days a payment is late, a late fee will be applied - this fee is 5% of the total project cost.

Items outside of this package deal will be billed additionally on a case by case basis.


Timeline dependent upon timely feedback from Client. Dates on project timeline can be changed if agreed upon by both parties. Designer will be available for services between the hours of 9am-5pm central time. Exceptions may be made but must be requested at least 24 hours in advance.